"Worship is not for tomorrow, or later, or Sunday, or Saturday, or in a couple of weeks. Worship is for now. The purpose of your life is to worship."


i stopped caring when i was like 3


do not spend
your teenage years
chasing him.

do not let him
string you along or
take advantage of your affection,
then drop you
like dirt when he’s done
charging his ego.

do not let him
make you think you have a chance
or make promises
he has no intention of fulfilling.

do not let him
invite you
to that party
and make you feel special
by kissing your lips
staying awake all night
singing to you
dancing with you

because 5 years later
he will twist the events
he will claim he doesn’t remember
or that he was drunk
or that it was all you

and you’ll be left
writing poetry
to your 14 year old self
warning her
about that boy
and how he will be
such a waste of her time

— a warning to my younger self (via icytoesandachingbones)